Pye V2000 Video Cassette Recorder - 20VR22

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Pye V2000 Video Cassette Recorder - 20VR22

The Pye 20VR22 Video 2000 Video Cassette Recorder.
We have the original manual, remote control and a number of V2000 tapes. Actually our version is the Pye 20VR22 which is just a rebadged Philips 20VR23.

Video 2000 was also known as Video Compact Cassette and was a consumer VCR system developed by Philips and Grundig to compete with JVC's VHS and Sony's Betamax video technologies. Distribution of Video 2000 products began in 1979 and ended in 1988. Philips originally named the videotape standard Video Compact Cassette (VCC) to complement their landmark Audio Compact Cassette format introduced in 1963. However, Philips chiefly marketed the system under the trademark Video 2000. Video 2000 tapes had several advantages over other formats : the tapes could be turned over giving upt 4 hours or recording on each side, the tape was totally protected whilst not in use, they did not require a video tracking control, they offered an auto-rewind function, they had a noise reduction system as standard, and a data track could record additional information.

Date of Manufacture: 1983

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Untested

Physical Condition: Very Good


Original Box: No

Pye V2000 Video Cassette Recorder - 20VR22 Prop For Hire