We don't just hire props, we love our props !
Pure Energy is a prop house specialising in retro props for film and TV. From toys to computers we have a great range that can add that special detail to any set.
Peter Snow & Jason Fitzpatrick Filming at the Centre for Computing HistoryNot only have we the props, but we know loads about them as well. If you want advice on which props are most suitable, which props fit the timeframe - or even need someone to wax lyrical on camera - we have the passion, the enthusiasm and expertise to make that unique addition to your production.
We specialise in gadgets, toys, games, mobile phones, computers, hi-fi, music, electrical and general electronics ... We're a bunch of geeks that loved and lived in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and have hoarded everything we picked up along the way !!
Some of our most popular items ...

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