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About Us & Our Service

Who Are We?

If you're expecting some deep text here about the beginnings of human kind you're about to be deeply disappointed ...

We're just a bunch of normal (well, define normal) people who have passion for collecting retro gadgets, toys, hi-fi and general stuff.

The past 40 something years have been incredibly exciting in terms of technological developments. It's especially interesting to look at the application of technology in leisure.

Technical Services

With our technical background we are able to offer a number of services relating to the installation and setting-up of our equipment.

Custom Programming

If you need of our computers to perform a special task, display specific information or react to user interaction in a special way, we can help. Our extensive programming knowledge allows us to write custom scripts and applications for a very wide range of computers both old and new.

Customer Graphics & Displays

Again, if you need a computer or TV to display customer graphics or video sequences we can help. We have an in-house video editing suite that allows us to create sequences to your exact needs.

On-Set Technical Support

We have engineers available to be on-set as and when required. They have a wide ranging knowledge of all things electronic and how to make them do the things you want them to when you want them to.

General Advice

We are always happy to provide general advice in terms of what props would suit a specific situation and technical advice on how to implement those props.

PAT Testing

All of our working props are PAT tested regularly to comply with current legislation.

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