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Gadget Firsts

The Worlds First Pocket Calculator was the Sinclair Executive, launched in August 1972.
The First Betamax Video Player was the Sony SL-6200
The First Personal Computer is widely regarded as the Altair 8800

The First VHS Video Player the JVC HR-3300
The First Walkman was the Sony TPS-L2

The First PC Computer was the IBM 5150 PC Computer. Although it is not the first computer by any means it was the first of the machines we now know today as the PC.

The First CD Player
was the the Sony CDP-101

The First Mobile Phone was the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

The First Apple Macintosh was launched. The Apple Mac would make computing friendly and create serious competition to the IBM PC.
The First DAT (Digital Audio Tape) Recorder was developed by Sony, and their first commercially released machine, the DTC-1000ES was launched.

The First GSM Mobile Phone was lauched by Nokia in 1992 - The Nokia 101

The First Digital Camera was the Apple QuickTake 100 camera, closely followed by the the Kodak DC40.

The First MP3 Player was the Eiger Labs MPMan

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