Psion Series 3 - Personal Organiser 

Psion Series 3 - Personal Organiser

The Psion Series 3 was the first truly useful Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. Its purpose was to replace the old-fashioned paper agenda and Rolodex, but it could do much more. Besides the agenda with multiple views, it featured a database, a word processor, a spreadsheet with charts, world times and more. With an optional modem, it could connect to the Internet. It could be programmed in OPL (Organiser Programming Language), with easy access to menu and graphical functions. The Series 3 had a 24080 pixel screen of 9739 mm.

Date of Manufacture: 1991

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Untested (Please Enquire)
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: Yes

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