Kurt Geiger - Retro TV Art Installation

We were asked by Kurt Geiger to come up with a retro TV display for the launch of their new season of products. This is what we came up with!

The TVís were driven from a number of DVD players and MPEG players that fed into video signal convertors that then connected to the various types of TVís. Old TVís need RF Signals, newer TVís have composite video inputs and some have RGB SCART inputs. We have to cater for them all. Some TVís displayed the same pictures or videos, some had something unique on the screen (either a still image or a video) and some displayed static that sets off the imagery around it. A few were not on at all, which again added to the impact of the ones that were.

For a review of the day and more pictures follow this link >>>

Date : 10th May 2012

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