British Thornton Mark Two Slide Rule 

British Thornton Mark Two Slide Rule

The Thornton Mark Two is also known as the AD 150

Founded in 1880 at 109 Deansgate, Manchester by Alexander George Thornton, the firm grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of drawing instruments and slide rules in Britain. The Precision Instrument Co was taken over in 1901 and PIC continued to be used by Thornton as a trade mark until about 1970. The firm became British Thornton in 1967 and merged with ESF at Burley in 1992. British Thornton is now a manufacturer of school furniture in Keighley.

British Thornton "AD150 Advanced” open frame simplex, ten inch slide rule made of plastic. The scales are LL1,LL2,LL3,A{B,C1,K,C}D,S,ST,T. It has the usual hard plastic case. This rule replaced the AD050 shown above. On these "Mark 2” rules the differential trig scales had been dropped and this rule has a third log log scale

Date of Manufacture: 1965

Quantity Available: 1

Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: Yes

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