Sony VHS Video Cassette Recorder - SLV-SE820

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Sony VHS Video Cassette Recorder - SLV-SE820

A VHS video recorder from 2002.

From the Sony promotional blurb ...

"The Sony SLV-SE820 Video Recorder is a Hi-Fi quality VCR that combines market-leading performance characteristics with stylish design and ease of use. The Sony Smart Engine VCR family has consistently been recognised as among the best VCRs with respect to ease of use, picture quality and durability. This new model adds another level of recorded picture quality in the form of proprietary Smart Trilogic technology. This advanced processing system ensures optimum picture quality during play back as the VCR automatically adjusts sharpness based on recording quality and tape condition. This new circuitry monitors playback according to three parameters: it detects noise level, adjust sharpness and emphasises detail to maintain a uniformly high quality image on the television screen."

Date of Manufacture: 2002

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working

Physical Condition: Good


Original Box: No

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