Sony VO-2630 U-Matic Video Recorder

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Sony VO-2630 U-Matic Video Recorder

The VO-2630 is a workhorse U-matic play/record machine dating from the late 1970s. When connected together with a second VO-2630 or a VO-2030 player high quality transfers are possible using the DUB connector. Additional output on an 8-pin TV connector and through an RF modulator made connection to a convention TV receiver possible.

Powers up and Tape can be inserted, but will not eject.  Does not play

Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Not Practical (Please Enquire)

Physical Condition: Good


Original Box: No

Sony VO-2630 U-Matic Video Recorder Prop For Hire