Monitor Wall - CRT TV Screen Installation

We have about 80 JVC 17" professional CRT video monitor screens that can be safely stacked into a video wall with each screen showing a different video, photo, colour or slideshow.

This installation pictured here is a relatively small one set-up at the Southbank Centre for the Web We Want festival and from the ARM @ 25 exhibition for the Centre for Computing History.

The screens are driven from a number of media players. The screens cannot be syncronised to all change at the same time or show one video split across all screens. The wall just shows many images on each screen independently.

It is possible to show one static image split across all the screens, but we need prep time before the event to split the image into multiple sub-images.

Some screens can show video, while other screens can show images if required.

Each screen is 40cm wide, 33cm tall and 41cm deep. We have 50 of these screens all matching.

Example Configurations

The wall of 25 screens for ARM (pictured below) was 2m wide and 1.65m tall.

A wall of 50 screens (10 x 5) would be 4m wide and 1.65m tall.

A wall of 48 screens (8 x 6) would be 3.2m wide and 2m tall.




Date : 20th May 2015

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