My Keepon - Dancing Yellow Blobs 

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My Keepon - Dancing Yellow Blobs

My Keepon is based on its cousin Keepon Pro, a research robot created by two scientists.

Dr. Hideki Kozima (Sendai, Japan) and Dr. Marek Michalowski (San Francisco, U.S.), of BeatBots have been using Keepon Pro in playrooms to study social development and autism. Keepon's simple appearance and dynamic behaviour have been embraced by children, parents, and practitioners alike. These same qualities have made Keepon resonate with a general audience through Internet exposure and public engagements.

Requires 8 AA batteries (not supplied)


Date of Manufacture: October 2011

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good
Original Box: Yes

My Keepon - Dancing Yellow Blobs Prop For Hire