JVC TM-2100E Broadcast Video Monitor 

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JVC TM-2100E Broadcast Video Monitor

A 21" CRT Video Monitor used in TV studios and broadcast environments. We have 12 of these monitors that can be stacked in a range of ways in a monitor wall. We can feed each screen with a different image or video, or have all screens show the same footage or image.

Please note that the image on the screen does not go all the way to the bezel.

Input is composite video in PAL 4:3 format.

Weight : 35.5Kg


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Date of Manufacture: Unknown

Quantity Available: 12

Working Condition: Working

Physical Condition: Average

Dimensions: 48 (W) x 41 (H) x 50 (D) cm

Original Box: No

JVC TM-2100E Broadcast Video Monitor Prop For Hire