Ferranti - Working 50s Television 

Cleared Royalty Free Playback Footage

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Working Condition

Ferranti - Working 50s Television

This Ferranti television was manufactured in 1957 and is still in good working order. We are able to supply the equipment required to allow this 405 lines television to display UK PAL standard definition footage.

The TV has a 17" screen with very rounded corners and a nice vignette to the edge of the screen. You can see the lines in the picture if you look carefully.

A very authentic 50s image from this British made television.

The TV uses valves and takes a minute or two to 'warm up'.



Date of Manufacture: 1957

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working (Requires Additional Convertor)

Physical Condition: Average


Original Box: No

Ferranti - Working 50s Television Prop For Hire