Palm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02 

Palm Lifedrive Showtime Edition - LD02

The Palm Lifedrive Showtime Edition was launched in May 2005 and was ideal for professional users who are also movie enthusiasts. In addition to providing outstanding mobile multimedia, the Palm LifeDrive mobile manager put Office documents, personal information and email at your fingertips.

Specifications :
RAM - 64 MB
ROM - 16 MB
Wireless Connectivity - IrDA, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11b
Support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 7.3 cm x 1.9 cm x 12.1 cm
Display - 320 x 480 3.8" TFT active matrix - transflective
Processor - Intel XScale 416 MHz
Operating System - Palm OS Garnet 5.4
Our PALM Lifedrive is boxed with all accessories.

Date of Manufacture: May 2005

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good
Original Box: Boxed

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