Brian the Brain - Interactive Roommate 

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Brian the Brain - Interactive Roommate

Brian The Brain was a fairly advanced toy "brain in a jar" that was launched in 2007.

It can be interacted with using either the attached keyboard or by simply speaking to him. Brian's advanced voice recognition, text-to-speech software and A.I. technology give him the ability to learn and speak with an almost unlimited vocabulary. He can tell jokes, play games and ask trivia questions or even help out with homework by utilizing his massive database of details from the concise enyclopedia from Britannica, dictionary or world history timeline. Brian can also be used to initiate phone calls and be used as a speakerphone by plugging him into a phone line, play mp3 music, guard the room with motion sensors or be used as an alarm clock or personal calendar/organizer.

Date of Manufacture: 2007

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Good
Original Box: No

Brian the Brain - Interactive Roommate Prop For Hire