Decca Model 88 - Fifties Record Player 

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Decca Model 88 - Fifties Record Player

The Decca Auto Deccalian Model 88 was a record player released in 1957.
It uses valve technology to reproduce the sound. (ECC83(2) EL84(2) EZ80)
It was advertised in a 1958 Currys promotional catalog as a 'genuine Hi-Fi record reproducer' and came with an 8 watt amplifier, 8"x5" bass and 4" treble speakers, a Collaro automatic record changer and a cost of 37 gns.
This fantastic fifties record player still works!!
Obviously as you would expect the carry handle is deteriorated but generally speaking it is in good condition. It has a hinged lid and still even has its four screw-in legs!
We even have some 7" records from 1957 that can go with it ...

Date of Manufacture: 1957

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Average
Original Box: No

Decca Model 88 - Fifties Record Player Prop For Hire