Micro Men

Micro Men is a TV film production that is very close to our hearts.
We were approached by a researcher from Darlow Smithson about the possibility of the suppliny vintage computers and related tech for use in a one-off TV drama documenting the struggle between two companies to dominate the home computer market in the early eighties.
Those two companies were Acorn Computers and Sinclair Research. I couldn't believe my luck! The two companies closest to my heart were Acorn & Sinclair. My father bought me a Sinclair ZX81 in 1981 and from that point in time I would be forever hooked on computers. A few years later my mother bought me an Acorn BBC Micro and my really serious adventures in electronics and programming started...
As you might guess, the chance to be involved was one that I could not pass up. It was 28 years since I first started programming the ZX81 and the time was right to take a nostalgic trip to simpler yet more exciting times ...
For all the gory details see : Micro Men

Date : 2009

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Pure Energy - Micro Men
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Micro Men