Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 
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Apple Newton MessagePad 2000

The Apple Netwon MessagePad was launched on the 21st March 1997 by Apple Computers and was an enhanced version of the previous MessagePad models.
It was a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) with a touch screen display.
The Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 was codenamed Q. It featured a 162 MHz StrongARM 110 processor, 4 MB or 8 MB of Mask ROM, 1 MB or 5 MB of RAM (1 MB of DRAM, 4 MB of Flash RAM), dual PCMCIA slots, dual-mode IrDA-beaming capabilities, and a Newton InterConnect port for multiple connectivity options, in a sleek handheld case with a 4.9 in. by 3.3 in. 16-level grayscale backlit LCD display (480x320) for use with a provided stylus.
The MessagePad 2000 combined a higher-resolution screen with a processor that was ten times faster than previous models.

Date of Manufacture: 21st March 1997

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very Good
Original Box: Yes

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