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Apple iMac Graphite

The original Apple iMac was a revolution. Released on 15th August 1998, this computer was strikingly different from what had been before.

It's all-in-one design and colourful casing was embraced by everyone as a breath of fresh air. No longer was the computer an item you needed to own - it was one you wanted to own.
In our opinion the only slight drawback was the 'hockey-puck' mouse which tended to give you 'claw-hand' after a few hours of intense use! Many serious users tended to replace the mouse with something like a macalley
Our iMac G3 is the graphite grey version with mouse and keyboard.
Set Direction :
The iMac G3 would have been found in many locations from a teenagers bedroom to a graphic design studio. Their colourful appearance and iconic design makes them stand out.

Date of Manufacture: 1998

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Working
Physical Condition: Very good
Original Box: No

Apple iMac Graphite Prop For Hire