Modern and Retro Game Console Prop Hire

We have a wide range of retro and modern game consoles. If you can't find what you need here, please contact us. We also have a huge store of magazines and games to support these consoles.

Game Consoles Ameltone Stadium Model 4002Game Consoles Amiga CD32Game Consoles Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark
Ameltone Stadium Model 4002Amiga CD32Apple Bandai Pippin Atmark
Game Consoles Arcadia - Image projecting game systemGame Consoles Atari 2600 VCS - Games ConsoleGame Consoles Atari PONG
Arcadia - Image projecting game systemAtari 2600 VCS - Games ConsoleAtari PONG
Game Consoles Barcode Battler 90's Hand Held Gaming Console Game Consoles Binatone TV Master Mk 8Game Consoles Conic TV Game - TG-621
Barcode Battler 90's Hand Held Gaming Console Binatone TV Master Mk 8Conic TV Game - TG-621
Game Consoles Cybiko ExtremeGame Consoles Fighting Climber RC-2006Game Consoles Frogger Handheld Game
Cybiko ExtremeFighting Climber RC-2006Frogger Handheld Game
Game Consoles Galileo's Line-Up Training CourseGame Consoles Gameboy AdvanceGame Consoles Gameboy Printer
Galileo's Line-Up Training CourseGameboy AdvanceGameboy Printer
Game Consoles Grandstand 6000 TV GameGame Consoles Ingersoll Electronics Pong Style Games ConsoleGame Consoles Interstate - Mini TV Game 1104
Grandstand 6000 TV GameIngersoll Electronics Pong Style Games ConsoleInterstate - Mini TV Game 1104
Game Consoles Interstate Mini TV Game 1104Game Consoles Magnavox Odyssey - The First Video Game ConsoleGame Consoles MB Vectrex
Interstate Mini TV Game 1104Magnavox Odyssey - The First Video Game ConsoleMB Vectrex
Game Consoles Microsoft XboxGame Consoles Namco PlayStation Jogcon Controller Game Consoles NEC PC Engine
Microsoft XboxNamco PlayStation Jogcon Controller NEC PC Engine
Game Consoles NES Max ControllerGame Consoles Nintendo DS Game CasesGame Consoles Nintendo DS Lite
NES Max ControllerNintendo DS Game CasesNintendo DS Lite
Game Consoles Nintendo Entertainment System - NESGame Consoles Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) - HVC-001Game Consoles Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo Entertainment System - NESNintendo Family Computer (Famicom) - HVC-001Nintendo Game Boy Color
Game Consoles Nintendo GameboyGame Consoles Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SPGame Consoles Nintendo GameBoy Colour/Color
Nintendo GameboyNintendo Gameboy Advanced SPNintendo GameBoy Colour/Color
Game Consoles Nintendo GameBoy PocketGame Consoles Nintendo GamecubeGame Consoles Nintendo N64 Games Console
Nintendo GameBoy PocketNintendo GamecubeNintendo N64 Games Console
Game Consoles Nintendo NES Advantage Arcade Joy Stick ControllerGame Consoles Nintendo WiiGame Consoles Nokia N-Gage Mobile Phone
Nintendo NES Advantage Arcade Joy Stick ControllerNintendo WiiNokia N-Gage Mobile Phone
Game Consoles Outrun 2019 Sega Megadrive TV plug in gameGame Consoles Philips Videopac G7000 Games ConsoleGame Consoles Playstation 2 Slim (Black)
Outrun 2019 Sega Megadrive TV plug in gamePhilips Videopac G7000 Games ConsolePlaystation 2 Slim (Black)
Game Consoles Playstation 2 Slim (Pink)Game Consoles QuickShot Supervision 9205Game Consoles Sands C-2500 Color TV Game
Playstation 2 Slim (Pink)QuickShot Supervision 9205Sands C-2500 Color TV Game
Game Consoles Sega Game GearGame Consoles Sega Lock-On "Laser Tag" GameGame Consoles Sega Master System II
Sega Game GearSega Lock-On "Laser Tag" GameSega Master System II
Game Consoles Sega Mega Drive - Games ConsoleGame Consoles Sega Phaser - Light GunsGame Consoles Sega Saturn Games Console
Sega Mega Drive - Games ConsoleSega Phaser - Light GunsSega Saturn Games Console
Game Consoles SNK Neo Geo PocketGame Consoles Sonic the Hedgehog Handheld GameGame Consoles Sony Playstation
SNK Neo Geo PocketSonic the Hedgehog Handheld GameSony Playstation
Game Consoles Sony Playstation 2Game Consoles Sony Playstation 3 - PS3 SlimGame Consoles Sony Playstation 4
Sony Playstation 2Sony Playstation 3 - PS3 SlimSony Playstation 4
Game Consoles Sony Playstation 4 - PSVR HeadsetGame Consoles Sony PSone Games ConsoleGame Consoles Sony PSP Handheld Games Console
Sony Playstation 4 - PSVR HeadsetSony PSone Games ConsoleSony PSP Handheld Games Console
Game Consoles Super Com 72 - SNES CloneGame Consoles Super KongGame Consoles Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Super Com 72 - SNES CloneSuper KongSuper Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Game Consoles Video Master Star Chess GameGame Consoles Vieco Submarine Handheld GameGame Consoles Wonderswan Handheld Games Console
Video Master Star Chess GameVieco Submarine Handheld GameWonderswan Handheld Games Console
Game Consoles Xbox 360 Game ConsoleGame Consoles Xbox 360 Rock Band Drum Kit
Xbox 360 Game ConsoleXbox 360 Rock Band Drum Kit