Period Computer Prop Hire

Computer Props 1/2" Data TapeComputer Props 2010 Black HP Compaq PC SetupComputer Props 3.5" Floppy Disks
1/2" Data Tape2010 Black HP Compaq PC Setup3.5" Floppy Disks
Computer Props 5.25" Floppy Disk Box with DisksComputer Props 5.25" Floppy DisksComputer Props 8" Floppy Disk Drive
5.25" Floppy Disk Box with Disks5.25" Floppy Disks8" Floppy Disk Drive
Computer Props 8" Floppy DisksComputer Props Acer Aspire 5050Computer Props Acorn - BT Merlin M2105
8" Floppy DisksAcer Aspire 5050Acorn - BT Merlin M2105
Computer Props Acorn A3020 Home ComputerComputer Props Acorn AtomComputer Props Acorn System 1
Acorn A3020 Home ComputerAcorn AtomAcorn System 1
Computer Props AES Computer System - Model 7100Computer Props Alienware Gaming Computer - Dual 21" Monitor SetupComputer Props Alienware Gaming Computer - Triple Monitor Setup
AES Computer System - Model 7100Alienware Gaming Computer - Dual 21" Monitor SetupAlienware Gaming Computer - Triple Monitor Setup
Computer Props Alienware X51 Desktop PCComputer Props Altair 8800 - The First Personal ComputerComputer Props Amazon Echo
Alienware X51 Desktop PCAltair 8800 - The First Personal ComputerAmazon Echo
Computer Props Amstrad CPC 464Computer Props Amstrad PC-1512Computer Props Amstrad PC-1640
Amstrad CPC 464Amstrad PC-1512Amstrad PC-1640
Computer Props Amstrad PCW 8256Computer Props Amstrad PPC 640 Portable ComputerComputer Props Android Tablet PC
Amstrad PCW 8256Amstrad PPC 640 Portable ComputerAndroid Tablet PC
Computer Props Antec Hackers Style PCComputer Props Apple Blue & White Power Macintosh G3Computer Props Apple II Computer System
Antec Hackers Style PCApple Blue & White Power Macintosh G3Apple II Computer System
Computer Props Apple III ComputerComputer Props Apple iMac - 24" Screen (2009 Model)Computer Props Apple iMac Dalmation
Apple III ComputerApple iMac - 24" Screen (2009 Model)Apple iMac Dalmation
Computer Props Apple iMac G3 - Bondi BlueComputer Props Apple iMac G4 - iLampComputer Props Apple iMac G5 - 24" Screen (2004 Model)
Apple iMac G3 - Bondi BlueApple iMac G4 - iLampApple iMac G5 - 24" Screen (2004 Model)
Computer Props Apple iMac Graphite Computer Props Apple iPad (1st Generation)Computer Props Apple Lisa
Apple iMac Graphite Apple iPad (1st Generation)Apple Lisa
Computer Props Apple MacintoshComputer Props Apple Macintosh LCIIComputer Props Apple Power Macintosh G3 (M3979 Model)
Apple MacintoshApple Macintosh LCIIApple Power Macintosh G3 (M3979 Model)
Computer Props Apple Powerbook 100Computer Props Apple Powerbook 170Computer Props Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop
Apple Powerbook 100Apple Powerbook 170Apple Powerbook G4 Laptop
Computer Props Apricot Point 7 - PC ComputerComputer Props Apricot Portable ComputerComputer Props Asus Eee PC 4G Laptop
Apricot Point 7 - PC ComputerApricot Portable ComputerAsus Eee PC 4G Laptop
Computer Props Asus EeePCComputer Props Atari 1200 XL Home ComputerComputer Props Atari 600XL Home Computer
Asus EeePCAtari 1200 XL Home ComputerAtari 600XL Home Computer
Computer Props Atari PortfolioComputer Props Atari ST - MIDI Studio ComputerComputer Props Average 90's PC Computer - HP Pavillion 4420
Atari PortfolioAtari ST - MIDI Studio ComputerAverage 90's PC Computer - HP Pavillion 4420
Computer Props BBC Micro - 80s School ComputersComputer Props Beige Windows 98 PC Setup Computer Props Black HP Proliant ML110 G6 PC Setup
BBC Micro - 80s School ComputersBeige Windows 98 PC Setup Black HP Proliant ML110 G6 PC Setup
Computer Props Cassette Drawers - Wood Effect - With TapesComputer Props CGL Sord M5 Home ComputerComputer Props Commodore 64
Cassette Drawers - Wood Effect - With TapesCGL Sord M5 Home ComputerCommodore 64
Computer Props Commodore 64 (Broken In Parts)Computer Props Commodore PET 2001Computer Props Commodore PET 3016
Commodore 64 (Broken In Parts)Commodore PET 2001Commodore PET 3016
Computer Props Commodore PET 8096SKComputer Props Commodore SX-64 - Portable Vintage ComputerComputer Props Commodore VIC 20 Home Computer
Commodore PET 8096SKCommodore SX-64 - Portable Vintage ComputerCommodore VIC 20 Home Computer
Computer Props Compaq 20/40 GB DLT DriveComputer Props Compaq Armada 1592DT LaptopComputer Props Compaq Portable SLT/286
Compaq 20/40 GB DLT DriveCompaq Armada 1592DT LaptopCompaq Portable SLT/286
Computer Props Compaq Presario CDS524Computer Props Compaq Tablet Computer - TC1000Computer Props Computer Microphone CMP-808
Compaq Presario CDS524Compaq Tablet Computer - TC1000Computer Microphone CMP-808
Computer Props Crate of CablesComputer Props Creative CT7510 WebcamComputer Props Creative Web Cam Plus (Webcam)
Crate of CablesCreative CT7510 WebcamCreative Web Cam Plus (Webcam)
Computer Props Data Cassettes in Wall Mountable RacksComputer Props DEC VT-101 Terminal - Digital Equipment CorporationComputer Props Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop
Data Cassettes in Wall Mountable RacksDEC VT-101 Terminal - Digital Equipment CorporationDell Inspiron 1300 Laptop
Computer Props Dell Inspiron Netbook ComputerComputer Props Dell Latitude CPt PPX LaptopComputer Props Dell Latitude XPi CD Laptop
Dell Inspiron Netbook ComputerDell Latitude CPt PPX LaptopDell Latitude XPi CD Laptop
Computer Props Dell Latitude XPi LaptopComputer Props Dell Optiplex Computer SystemComputer Props Dell OptiPlex GX1 - Desktop Computer - Beige
Dell Latitude XPi LaptopDell Optiplex Computer SystemDell OptiPlex GX1 - Desktop Computer - Beige
Computer Props Dell OptiPlex GX150 - Desktop Computer - BlackComputer Props Dell PC Computer - Dimension 2400Computer Props Dell Pentium PC Setup Microsoft 2000 Professional
Dell OptiPlex GX150 - Desktop Computer - BlackDell PC Computer - Dimension 2400Dell Pentium PC Setup Microsoft 2000 Professional
Computer Props Desk Case of Floppy DisksComputer Props Digital Computer Backup TapesComputer Props Digital TZ88 DLT Drive
Desk Case of Floppy DisksDigital Computer Backup TapesDigital TZ88 DLT Drive
Computer Props Dixons Datacorder SR7 Cassette PlayerComputer Props Dragon 32Computer Props Early 2000's Black and Silver Windows XP Setup
Dixons Datacorder SR7 Cassette PlayerDragon 32Early 2000's Black and Silver Windows XP Setup
Computer Props Epson HX-20 - The First Laptop ComputerComputer Props Fujitsu Siemens - Lifebook B SeriesComputer Props Generic Late 90s PC - Business Computer
Epson HX-20 - The First Laptop ComputerFujitsu Siemens - Lifebook B SeriesGeneric Late 90s PC - Business Computer
Computer Props GPO ModemComputer Props GRidPad 1910Computer Props Grundy NewBrain
GPO ModemGRidPad 1910Grundy NewBrain
Computer Props HP Compaq nx9005 LaptopComputer Props HP Elitebook 8470pComputer Props HP Mini Computer - HP1000
HP Compaq nx9005 LaptopHP Elitebook 8470pHP Mini Computer - HP1000
Computer Props HP Proliant ML110 G6 PCComputer Props IBM Office Computer - PS/2Computer Props IBM PC - Model 5150
HP Proliant ML110 G6 PCIBM Office Computer - PS/2IBM PC - Model 5150
Computer Props IBM Portable PC - Model 5155Computer Props IBM RS/6000 SP2 - Deep Blue SupercomputerComputer Props Internal Hard Disks
IBM Portable PC - Model 5155IBM RS/6000 SP2 - Deep Blue SupercomputerInternal Hard Disks
Computer Props Intertec SuperbrainComputer Props Junk on Computer TerminalsComputer Props LIFFE Financial Keyboard (Like Bloomberg)
Intertec SuperbrainJunk on Computer TerminalsLIFFE Financial Keyboard (Like Bloomberg)
Computer Props Logitech Deluxe KeyboardComputer Props Logitech QuickCam Sphere AF - WebcamComputer Props Media Creation Computer Set up
Logitech Deluxe KeyboardLogitech QuickCam Sphere AF - WebcamMedia Creation Computer Set up
Computer Props Microsoft XP Large Black and Silver PC SetupComputer Props Mid 90's Laptop - Toshiba Tecra 730CDTComputer Props Military CD-ROM Data Box for Computer
Microsoft XP Large Black and Silver PC SetupMid 90's Laptop - Toshiba Tecra 730CDTMilitary CD-ROM Data Box for Computer
Computer Props Military Laptop Computer - LX1 Liaison WotanComputer Props Next Cube ComputerComputer Props Opus - Windows 95 Beige PC
Military Laptop Computer - LX1 Liaison WotanNext Cube ComputerOpus - Windows 95 Beige PC
Computer Props Oric AtmosComputer Props Orion CCM-1280 - Colour MonitorComputer Props Osborne 1 - The First Portable Computer
Oric AtmosOrion CCM-1280 - Colour MonitorOsborne 1 - The First Portable Computer
Computer Props Panasonic CF-28 ToughBookComputer Props Panasonic CF-41 MKII Laptop Computer Props Panasonic CF-72 ToughBook
Panasonic CF-28 ToughBookPanasonic CF-41 MKII Laptop Panasonic CF-72 ToughBook
Computer Props Philips CM8833 Mk1 Computer MonitorComputer Props Philips Professional Beige Computer ScreenComputer Props Psion Organiser
Philips CM8833 Mk1 Computer MonitorPhilips Professional Beige Computer ScreenPsion Organiser
Computer Props Qume QVT-321 Video TerminalComputer Props Radio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder - TRS-80Computer Props Reel to Reel in rack fame
Qume QVT-321 Video TerminalRadio Shack Computer Cassette Recorder - TRS-80Reel to Reel in rack fame
Computer Props Reels of CableComputer Props Samsung Sens 800 LaptopComputer Props Sanyo - Display Monitor - Green Screen
Reels of CableSamsung Sens 800 LaptopSanyo - Display Monitor - Green Screen
Computer Props SCSI Storage ArrayComputer Props Sharp MZ-80KComputer Props Silicon Graphics - SGI 320
SCSI Storage ArraySharp MZ-80KSilicon Graphics - SGI 320
Computer Props Sinclair ZX SpectrumComputer Props Sinclair ZX Spectrum +Computer Props Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
Sinclair ZX SpectrumSinclair ZX Spectrum +Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2
Computer Props Sinclair ZX80Computer Props Sinclair ZX81Computer Props Sony Vaio PCG-3316 Notebook Computer
Sinclair ZX80Sinclair ZX81Sony Vaio PCG-3316 Notebook Computer
Computer Props Sony Vaio PCG-955C Notebook Computer Computer Props Sony Vaio PCG-FRV26 Laptop ComputerComputer Props Sun Microsystems Speaker
Sony Vaio PCG-955C Notebook Computer Sony Vaio PCG-FRV26 Laptop ComputerSun Microsystems Speaker
Computer Props Tandy 102 - Handheld ComputerComputer Props Tandy Portable Word Processor WP-2Computer Props The Minivac 601 Computer
Tandy 102 - Handheld ComputerTandy Portable Word Processor WP-2The Minivac 601 Computer
Computer Props Toshiba HX-10 - MSX Computer Computer Props Toshiba Satellite Pro - SP1200Computer Props Toshiba Satellite Pro 430 CDT Laptop
Toshiba HX-10 - MSX Computer Toshiba Satellite Pro - SP1200Toshiba Satellite Pro 430 CDT Laptop
Computer Props Toshiba Satellite Pro L300Computer Props Toshiba T3100e - Eighties LaptopComputer Props Toshiba T3200 Laptop
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300Toshiba T3100e - Eighties LaptopToshiba T3200 Laptop
Computer Props Toshiba Tecra 520CDTComputer Props Toshiba Tecra 8000 LaptopComputer Props Unbranded Computer Keyboard
Toshiba Tecra 520CDTToshiba Tecra 8000 LaptopUnbranded Computer Keyboard
Computer Props Unbranded Computer KeyboardComputer Props Videonics Video Titlemaker Model: TM-1PComputer Props Windows 95 Applications
Unbranded Computer KeyboardVideonics Video Titlemaker Model: TM-1PWindows 95 Applications
Computer Props Year 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100
Year 2000 PC Computer - Dell 8100