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Retro Tech Themed Party

Retro Tech Themed Party

As you can see from the website, we have a huge selection of retro technology available. We specialise in having the gadgets working and useable which makes for a fantastic retro technology themed party. Ideally suited to corporate events and parties.

An example event could consist of:

Retro Gaming
People love playing retro video games! We could supply for example: Pong, Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation 1 and Nintendo N64. All will be playable and have a number of games to play. Each will have a retro TV as well.

Retro Computing
Vintage computers bring back memories of loading programs from tape, noisy printers and low res graphics. We could supply for example: a Working BBC Micro, Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. These are classic eighties machines all working and with lots of games.

Arcade Eighties
We can supply a fully working arcade machine with 60 classic games to play including space invaders, pac-man, defender, burger time and more...

70's TV & Footage
A 70's style television playing footage from a DVD player. You can supply any DVD's as you see appropriate - perhaps some old personal or company footage? 

80's TV Selfies
An 80's TV with video camera attached. People can stand in front of the camera while other people take pictures of them on the TV. Sounds silly but people seem to love it :)

Betamax Blockbusters
An 80's TV with big Betamax video recorder. The video recorder will be for display only but the TV will be fed from a media player playing amazing classic TV adverts! (Or other footage should you wish)

Mobile Phones
A selection of vintage mobile phones including the old 'brick' type. None of these will be working, but nevertheless are a great talking point. "I used to have this one!!!"

Electronic Toys
Electronic toys like Astro wars, puck man, Simon, speak and spell, big trak... all will be playable.

A classic Amstrad Stack System from the eighties. This can be working if required.
Maybe add an iconic ghetto blaster - Big Hip-Hop Style!

The Future of Transport!
A great 'show stopper' the Sinclair C5 always does the job. Sadly a commercial failure, but still loved by the public. People can sit in it for a selfie, but we can't allow people to peddle it around. Put your banner behind the C5 to make sure your branding is in the picture!

We'll also bring some records, cassettes, video tapes and items to handle to set dress the items above.

Do you have an idea? Tell us about it... we just might be able to make it work!



Please note, we are unable to get heavy or large items like arcade machines, large old TVs, or the Sinclair C5 up any stairs. Access must be via lifts and flat floors only.

We will bring all of the TV's and monitors required and all of the electrical distribution. All machines and cables are PAT tested prior to the event for safety. A risk assesment can be supplied as well as our public liability insurance certificate.

We are able to supply 6ft x 2.5ft tables with black fitted covers if required. Please enquire.

The set-up will include one member of our staff to ensure the consoles and computers remain working at all times. Our staff are also very knowledgeable and are very happy to chat to your guests about the display.

The display is a fantastic way to break the ice with attendees discussing the first games they used to play and the first console or computer they ever had. It demonstrates just how much technology has developed over the past 40 years and attendees can draw comparisons between the tech in the display and the gadgets in their pockets in the form of mobile phones!

Reminiscing the past puts people in a relaxed and receptive state, ready for the days proceedings ...

These pictures were taken at a corporate event for PropellerNet in 2015.

Past clients for our retro gaming corporate events include Gadget Show Live, The Business of Software, Microsoft Research, BBC Learning and Butlins.

Date : 30th December 2015

Picture of Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party
Image of Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party
Pure Energy - Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party
Additional Image of Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party
Additional Picture of Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party
Credits   Retro Tech Themed Party

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