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On-Set Playback for CRT Televisions and Monitors

On Set Playback - With GenlockPure Energy can provide on-set playback for all of our retro televisions, monitor screens, computer monitors and LCD screens.

For complex scenes requiring multi CRT displays we have our own in-house developed playback system providing upto 24 simultaneous video feeds all genlocked allowing for filming without picture roll.

We can provide more channels if given enough notice!

Our system allows precise control of what happens on each screen at any given time at can be started at any point in the sequence for quick retakes when required.

Our playback system operates at 25 frames per second (fps) for standard UK PAL video suitable for all UK televisions and video monitors.

24 Frame Playback

24 frame playback for CRT screens is vital when shooting films at 24 fps. 

We are able to provide up to 18 simultaneous video playback channels at 24 frames per second. These can be sourced from SDI, HDMI, VGA, DVI, S-Video, Composite Video or even a mixture of different sources. All channels are genlocked together ensuring the scan timing for all screens are identical. We can also provide a Black Burst (sometimes called black and burst) signal to your camera if required.

Not all CRT screens will work correctly when operted at 24 frames. It is always advised that a camera test is done in advance to ensure that all equipment will work as planned for the day of the shoot.

25 Frame Playback

For UK TV productions where filming is at the standard 25 frames per second, our playback system is perfect and allows multiple CRT screens to be genlocked ensuring that all screens operate at the same timing allowing your cameras to film them without rollbars.

Bandersnatch Filming - Retro Computer Screens - Black MirrorFrom the set of Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

Yes! We fully understand the irony of this image! The photo was taken with a smart phone so you can see the banding that happens on the CRT screens if they are NOT genlocked. If you watch the film you'll see they are beautifully stable!

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