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Hitachi CED Videodisc Player - SelectaVision

This Hitachi Video Disc player, model VIP 201P, used a format called Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) - and audio / video playback system developed by RCA. This allowed video and audio to be played back on a TV using a special analog needle and high-density groove system similar to records.

It was first conceived in 1964, and the CED system was widely seen as a technological success, but despite this, the CED system fell victim to poor planning, conflicts within RCA, and technical difficulties that stalled production of the system for 17 years until 1981. Obviously by this time the emerging Betamax and VHS videocassette formats were becoming available in the marketplace. Sales for the system were nowhere near projected estimates, and by 1986, RCA had discontinued the project, losing an estimated $600 million in the process.

The format was commonly known as "videodisc", leading to much confusion with Laserdisc format, which is mutually incompatible with this format.

The name "SelectaVision" was RCA's brand name for the CED system.
Features of the Hitachi VIP201P Videodisc player :
  • Automatically senses Dual Audio Discs and allows channel toggling via front panel or remote.
  • Infrared Remote Control was included with the player.
  • The only non-RCA-made player to feature a wireless infrared remote.
  • Page Mode entered by simultaneously depressing both 16x visual search buttons.
We also have a number of CED Videodiscs including Taxi Driver and Stir Crazy and The Owl and the Pussy Cat ...

Date of Manufacture: 1983

Quantity Available: 1

Working Condition: Untested

Physical Condition: Average (Some Marking)


Original Box: No

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